Our milk, dark and white chocolate do you contain soy lecithin.

All of our chocolate is made using milk fat.

We carry a variety of no sugar added products. Sugar occurs naturally in cocoa and items such as nuts and raisins which are included in our “sugar-free”selection. The sugar substitute used in our no sugar added chocolates are maltitol and sorbitol.

Unfortunately, none of our chocolates are 100% guaranteed nut allergen safe. We have a large variety of chocolate covered nuts and we use the same equipment to handle our other chocolates. We have a separate machine used for just chocolate molds and although we take
every precaution to make sure nuts are not used around this machine and our molds are cleaned in between uses, there is always a chance of cross-contamination.

Our milk and dark chocolate is naturally gluten-free. We do make chocolate candies that contain gluten and we share equipment while making all of our hand dipped items. There’s always a chance of cross-contamination.

The best way to keep chocolate is in a cool, dry place away from any heat source. Our chocolates can be stored in the refrigerator, although it is not necessary.

When stored under proper conditions, our chocolates will last for many months. The exception is our chocolate dipped fresh fruit, which will only last a few days when stored in the refrigerator.